what is IPL

Cricket is increasingly becoming one of the favorite games among other games played by people or watched. This increase in its popularity and fan base has mainly been due to its simple rules that are easy to remember. However, this significant change has also resulted from the interest it creates in the minds of people not only playing but also watching it. These things make it one of the most enjoyable games to watch.

One other important part of cricket is domestic tournaments held in India, known as IPL. However, some people have a question about what is IPL. The definition of IPL in simple terms is mentioned below, along with some of its rules and history. These things can help one to understand IPL and how it began.

Origin of IPL

who won the toss IPL

IPL, or the Indian Premier League, is one of the most iconic and famous games in India. The beginning of IPL was marked in 2007 when BCCI founded it, which is the answer to the question in which year IPL started. This tournament held among teams from Different states of India creates a situation of excitement for the people watching cricket. This excitement is for India and cricket lovers from other countries that love to watch cricket.

This event generally takes place between March and May of every year. People can find several overseas players too. Overseas players or foreign players are participants who join different IPL teams from other countries. The period was specially created keeping in mind the ICC world cups that r held every four years from the previous time. Among the ranking sports leagues that are famous, IPL was ranked number six on the list of such sports league events.

IPL 2007

In the first-ever IPL season, eight teams participated. These teams were RR, RCB, MI, KKR, PK, etc. Several IPL fans want to know who won the toss IPL in the final match held between Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings. Furthermore, even the IPL was won by Rajasthan Royals. The year 2007 marked the beginning of IPL for several other years to come.

The love for IPL in cricket fans of India s well as from other countries has been rising since then. This makes IPL one of the most loved and watched sports championships all over the world. This event also began to be broadcasted live on the internet on apps such as YouTube and other websites in 2010 when it became famous and recognized globally.

Rules for qualifying in IPL

One of the most important things to know about IPL is how many points to qualify in IPL; the answer is that 16 points in total are needed. Teams need to win at least four matches, and the last two matches also need to be won by a big margin for qualifying as an IPL team. There are some other rules in the game of IPL, such as the limit on how many players can play. It says that there should be at least 18 players in a single team and with a maximum of 25 players.

There are also some rules regarding the count of foreign players in the game, such as there can be only four overseas players maximum in a team. The price for each player is also set as it can be anywhere from 20 lakhs to 2 crores for one. There are also some rules for the players participating in these IPL matches. This is because eight of the players who were initially going to participate in these IPL are now unable to do that as they have not played in even a single A-class match.

Who discovered IPL

 One of the most common queries in people`s minds is who is the founder of IPL. The beginning of IPL was marked in 2007 and was founded by the BCCI, also known as the Board of Control for Cricket in India. This happened when BCCI discovered and operated IPL in 2007 when the Rajasthan Royals won the first season against Chennai Super Kings. This game very quickly became one of the most popular sports worldwide.

However, as in the IPL 2022, the upcoming event is going to be even more fun for the players and the viewers. This is because there will be a total of ten teams participating this year, which will increase the fun in this event. There have also been some tweaks in the rules of this game.