IPL players and teams

The T20 cricket festival, the Indian Premier League, has returned to India. It is the world’s largest T20 league. It is the only league in which all the world’s biggest cricket players compete against each other. This season of the Indian Premier League started on March 26, 2022. The IPL has a lot of admirers who are enthusiastic about it and can’t wait for its finale. 

In this article, we will look at the IPL player rankings as well as the teams and players. Since its inception in 2008, the Indian Premier League has lasted 14 seasons. It has been the most popular cricket league in the world since 2008. The IPL’s 2022 season is keenly anticipated by all fans.

The IPL has undergone a few modifications this year. The most significant change this season is the addition of two new IPL teams, the Lucknow Supergiants, and the Gujarat Titans. This year, 10 teams will compete for the championship, making the league even more competitive and entertaining. The number of matches has also been enhanced by adding two additional teams.

The second major change in the 2017 IPL is the title sponsor, which was shifted from Vivo to Tata, making this year’s IPL the Tata IPL. The IPL will be held in India this year. Because of COVID-19 protocols, the league’s last two seasons were held in the United Arab Emirates. This team, as well as all other teams, must be added to the COVID guidelines, which require each team to build a biosecure bubble within which no player may be allowed to leave. Due to going with 19, all league matches will be held in Maharashtra and the playoffs will be held in Ahmedabad, but this is yet to be verified.

T20 cricket will return to India, and the 15th season of the Indian Premier League will begin on March 26th, 2020. Keep an eye on the IPL players’ ranking table 2022, which shows the best player in each team’s performance. In this year’s IPL, there will be a total of ten teams competing. This season, a mega auction was also held, resulting in the introduction of numerous new captains.

Here is the list of players with rankings and the teams they are playing for:


IPL player rankings
  1. JC Butler: JC Butler, an English player, played five matches and earned a score of a total of 272. He is playing on behalf of the Rajasthan Royals and is at the No. 1 position.
  2. KL Rahul played 6 matches and bagged 235 runs for himself, maintaining a position at No. 2. He is the captain of the Lucknow SuperGiants.
  3. HH Pandya: He is the captain of the newly owned team, Gujarat Giants. He maintained his third-place ranking as the highest-scoring player. He played five matches and scored 228 points. 
  4. S. Dube: He is a team player for the Chennai Super Kings. He has played five matches so far and scored 226 runs, putting him in fourth place in the rankings.
  5. LS Livingstone: He is a player from England who played for his team, the Punjab Kings. Livingstone has now played 6 matches and earned a score of 224 for his team.