10 players who have scored the most runs during the Ashes series
  1. Donald Bradman, Australian. During his test career, Sir Donald Bradman averaged an almost perfect 100.00. His statistics make it hard to disagree that he is the greatest batsman ever. Brady scored 5,028 runs in the Ashes cricket series, including 334 runs at the top. England devised a novel strategy called the bodyline in an attempt to keep pace with him after he scored 19 hundreds in a row.
  2. Mr Jack Hobbs – English. He was England’s first representative in the Ashes, having played for 22 years between 1908 and 1930. He batted 54.26 with a batting average of 3636 and a peak score of 187 in 71 innings. By the time he retired from the game, he was 50 years old. During his career, Hobbs collected an unrivalled 197 centuries, including one of the highest ever recorded at 316.
  3. Allan Border – Australia. When the Australian team was struggling in the 1980s, Captain Grumpy, nicknamed Captain Grumpy, took over as captain. At the conclusion of his career, he led the squad to its first World Cup victory, developing them into the greatest across all formats. As Border’s Ashes statistics demonstrate, he was a good example. The best score he has is 200 without going out, while he has also scored 3222 runs, seven centuries, and seven centuries.
  4. Steve Waugh – Australia. Steve Waugh took over Border’s duties as captain and went on to become Australia’s most successful player. He scored 3173 runs with eleven hundred in the Ashes, which validates this claim.
  5. ENG – David Gower. England won the 1985 Ashes with David Gower as captain. Left-handed, he scored more runs in England’s six test matches than anyone else. His best individual score in test matches remains 215 in the series. The average of 46.01 for Gower in the Ashes cricket was 3037 runs, including nine hundred.
  6. Steve Smith – Australia. Only Steve Smith is still active in the top 10 of the list. The chances of him climbing the list are therefore decent. By the end of the 2021/22 Ashes Series, he should at the very least surpass Wally Hammond. The leg-spin bowling that initially made him a player of the year in 2010 is hard to imagine. When he played his debut test against Pakistan, he batted eighth, which was a useful batting performance at the time. Over the years, he has become one of the best hitters in red-ball cricket. During the 2019 Ashes Series, Smith scored 774 runs at a 110.57 average. In the first Ashes Test of 2021, that total had risen to 2830 runs.
  7. ENG Wally Hammond. Strangely, Wally Hammond does not receive the same accolades as Hobbs, Sutcliffe, and Hutton. During the entirety of his test career, he scored 7249 runs in 140 innings, making him England’s most productive batsman. In the Ashes Tests, 2852 runs were made, with a high of 251.